Overlooking 350-acre untouched Hoag Canyon, and the surrounding scenery and privacy are unlike anything else in Los Angeles.

Reminiscent of Richard Meier’s Getty Museum, the home is encased in beautiful Travertine stone. It features monumental scale and proportion, large disappearing glass doors and an organic and seamless indoor-outdoor flow. With 14-foot high ceilings and a 34-foot high central gallery with a roof-long skylight, this home is an art collector’s dream, and it was a challenge to mimic the beautiful daylight at night. Further it was very important for us to emphasize on the hight of the volume and to come up with a lighting concept that would illuminate all natural stone work as dramatic as possible.…



Over the past 30 years, Pritzker prize-winning architect Zaha Hadid has become internationally renowned for her designs of sensuous, soaring buildings that push the limits of innovation and blur the lines between art and architecture.

1000 museum by Zaha Hadid architects, Miami’s most prestigious new residential tower, is her first residential skyscraper in the western hemisphere. Located on a coveted property overlooking Miami’s museum park, and boasting utterly breathtaking Biscayne Bay and Atlantic Ocean views, one thousand museum brings Hadid’s visionary architecture together with an unprecedented level of service and extraordinary amenities.

The duplex townhomes, half-floor residences, full-floor penthouses, and a single duplex penthouse will enjoy exceptional privacy within a truly secure state-of-the-art environment.

Our ultimative goal with the 1000 Museum building is to emphasize all the best features of the architecture, using both light and shadow. As Sylvia Plath said in “The Bell Jar,” “I thought the most beautiful thing in the world must be shadow.” There are thousands of details to be curated, of course, and an overall organic shape made more dramatic by highlighting the edges as they meet the massive structure. We give every floor a unique character in an almost subversive way, aiming lights from unexpected locations and using the latest technologies to complement the futuristic feel of the building. After sunset the building is transformed by crisp, vibrant lighting. The effect is striking, never garish. The building becomes a tall, stylish  and elegant woman dressed perfectly for a night out at the museum across the street. Somewhat like Zaha Hadid herself.


Uli+friends | THE STUDIO


For more than two decades Uli+friends, based in Miami, has produced masterly, correct and magnificent lighting for architecture,landscapes and interior design. The company’s work includes, but is not limited to, illumination planning and system integration, harvesting daylight, saving energy and minimizing maintenance. Founded by the German industrial and interior designer Uli Petzold, Uli+friends creates lighting for residences, showrooms, resorts, mansions, landscapes, historic buildings, and offices around the world.


Uli + friends consists of ten professional lighting designers, engineers and architects. They include Oliver Koch, a German architect and engineer experienced in lighting and interior design, and Stephanie Ragusa, an American architectural lighting engineer with experience in residential, retail and landscape design. The company is a collaborative enterprise, with expertise in new techniques and the standards of tomorrow, offering illumination planning coordinated with the architectural process. Uli+friends has distinguished itself in a competitive marketplace with its unique approach: using fewer fixtures, more efficient fixtures, cleverly located and perfectly aimed, and using diffusers and lenses to temper the quality of the light. It’s a high-tech approach that creates the three-dimensionality of daylight. “We believe that good architecture and interiors deserve

The company is structured to work on challenging projects and is experienced with sophisticated clients who care about image and design. The luminaires are each chosen for a specific function; together they provide a perfectly lit environment. The company’s specification manual provides architects and engineers with the necessary information for implementing the designs, from ordering luminaires to installation, as well as schedules for maintaining the design. Uli+friends balances creativity and execution, functionality and aesthetics.


Uli + friends designs fulfill the aesthetic needs of clients while appealing to their emotional intelligence. The company’s projects encompass a range of styles, from Beaux Arts and historic to contemporary spaces, and include exterior illumination and landscapes. “The most important thing we do is take away architect’s headaches, and present them with a beautiful finished product, the architect’s do what they do best, and we do what we do best.”


The company offers a full range of services, including luminaire accounting coordination, construction administration, and luminaire focusing and aiming. Lighting designs can be incorporated into a centralized control system to increase energy efficiency and convenience. The company provides an in-house, pre-programmed database to be uploaded to an individual control system.


RTL Explosive broadcasted on February 22, 2011 a five minute feature about Uli showcasing his work as a “lighting designer for the stars”. RTL Television is a German commercial television station and belongs to the RTL Group and is, in terms of market share, Germany’s largest private free-to-air broadcaster.



Careful Balance of Light and Shadow

The dappled waterfront at the 1916 Italian Rennaissance mansion known as Vizcaya reminded its builder of Venice, Italy. The nearby Residences at Vizcaya share the same seductive natural light, reflected and amplified by the waters of Biscayne Bay. The Residences’s 3,000-square-foot lobby required careful daytime lighting, to highlight some areas and to let others recede into intimacy. The lighting has a lively conversation with Carola Hinojosa’s muted lobby palette of grays, silvery whites, creams and bisques. At night the drama in the lobby increases with successive waves of various temperatures and levels of illumination; because the light is moderating in some parts of the huge space, visitors feel they can explore and discover, even be surprised by the architectural 
details. The result is both stimulating and tranquil.…


Layout 1

This 39-story building on the ocean presented two challenges –

No. 1, each unit will have 10 foot ceilings and 6,000 square feet of uninterrupted indoor space and 1,000 square feet of terrace, and No. 2, sea turtles. Designed by Bernardo Fort-Brescia of Arquitectonica, the 39-story Regalia offers one condo unit a floor, with views in all four directions. A master stroke: showers open onto a terrace, offering bathing en plein air, yet in complete privacy. The “living” room alone is almost 1,000 square feet. If you illuminate such super-large spaces equally, the effect is stark and boring. Every area has to talk in different ways, some declamatory, some whispers. But they still must speak the same language. One solution is to constantly refer to nature. During the day, a photometric cell measures the exact light density and temperature outside, and a processor duplicatesthat in the common spaces.
Even in the elevator a resident can sense what it is like outside. At night, wildlife regulations prohibit any bright lights on the building, which would confuse hatching sea turtles. The solution is a concealed system that will illuminate terrace floors, but fade toward the building. There are almost no reflections, and no little turtles are confused. Because the building has such a sinuous shape, the temptation was to emphasize that with twisting LED lights. But that was rejected: sea turtles.

© Arquitectonica | Interior Design by Studio BAIGORRIA

LEED Platinum | Net Zero Residence


2020 Alton is a brand new Green Home currently under construction in Miami Beach, FL 2020 Alton is pursuing a LEED rating of Platinum. 

It will be the first home in South Florida that we know of to achieve this status. 2020 Alton’s conception was a joint effort between architect Ari Sklar, developer Matt Lahn and general contractor Robert Arkin. On a lot size of 58′ x 120′, the city imposed restrictions of a single family home limited in size to 3,200 SF. Due to the setbacks imposed by the city, the resulting buildable area is only 32ft wide. The allowable height is also approximately 32ft. Therefore, the design sought to take advantage of these dimensions by making the main portion of the home designed as a cube which would be setback substantially from the busy street. An exposed masonry wall further protects the house by wrapping it on the north and west while creating a private courtyard for swimming and view of the golf course across the street. 2020 Alton is trying to be a “NET ZERO” home. Essentially this means that its system would produce enough power to run the home without taking energy from the FPL grid. In fact, the meter would spin backward and the homeowner would supply the grid with surplus power and receive a credit on their monthly FPL statement. In order to do this 2020 Alton will utilize Photovoltaic Solar panels, Vertical axis wind turbines, Geothermal heating and cooling, as well as the most advanced insulation technologies. In addition 2020 Alton will have in place a rain water collection system to harvest and store all of the rain water.…



A Private Oasis of Serenity & Breathtaking Beauty 

It was an honor for us to work with Rene Gonzales Architects to illuminate this beautiful estate. 3 Indian Creek Island, South Florida’s most expensive property, is simply like no other residence in South Florida. Seemingly floating on water, the 10-bedroom, 14-bathroom home is comprised of a series of pavilions interconnected by beautifully-crafted stone walkways and lush garden walls. Serene waterfront views are visible from every room. Residents and guests of the home are treated to a 100-foot resort-style pool and cabana, six wet-bars, a rooftop “sky bar” and Jacuzzi. A full spa pavilion and a “state-of-the-art” glass encased waterfront gym grace the property. Living spaces are enclosed by wooden louvers and glass, flooding the home with natural light. Coupled with limestone walls and indoor reflecting pools, the 3 Indian Creek resort home oasis is truly a contemporary masterpiece of architecture and art. Located in Miami’s Biscayne Bay, the 300-acre island includes just 32 luxury waterfront estate homes, granting a truly unique level of privacy and security and a world-renowned private 18-hole golf course and Country Club.…



In the old police headquarters building on Centre Street in Manhattan was once the radio room. Renovations revealed 16 steel beams that supported a magnificent dome, which lights the living and dining area during the day and offers a place in which to hide architectural lighting fixtures. Uli+friends made the perimeter glow at night to define the volume. The lighting fades toward the center, creating a three-dimensional shape. The glossy white paint on the lower wall bounces light into the room and anchors the perimeter.         …