LEED Platinum | Net Zero Residence


2020 Alton is a brand new Green Home currently under construction in Miami Beach, FL 2020 Alton is pursuing a LEED rating of Platinum. 

It will be the first home in South Florida that we know of to achieve this status. 2020 Alton’s conception was a joint effort between architect Ari Sklar, developer Matt Lahn and general contractor Robert Arkin. On a lot size of 58′ x 120′, the city imposed restrictions of a single family home limited in size to 3,200 SF. Due to the setbacks imposed by the city, the resulting buildable area is only 32ft wide. The allowable height is also approximately 32ft. Therefore, the design sought to take advantage of these dimensions by making the main portion of the home designed as a cube which would be setback substantially from the busy street. An exposed masonry wall further protects the house by wrapping it on the north and west while creating a private courtyard for swimming and view of the golf course across the street. 2020 Alton is trying to be a “NET ZERO” home. Essentially this means that its system would produce enough power to run the home without taking energy from the FPL grid. In fact, the meter would spin backward and the homeowner would supply the grid with surplus power and receive a credit on their monthly FPL statement. In order to do this 2020 Alton will utilize Photovoltaic Solar panels, Vertical axis wind turbines, Geothermal heating and cooling, as well as the most advanced insulation technologies. In addition 2020 Alton will have in place a rain water collection system to harvest and store all of the rain water.