Careful Balance of Light and Shadow

The dappled waterfront at the 1916 Italian Rennaissance mansion known as Vizcaya reminded its builder of Venice, Italy. The nearby Residences at Vizcaya share the same seductive natural light, reflected and amplified by the waters of Biscayne Bay. The Residences’s 3,000-square-foot lobby required careful daytime lighting, to highlight some areas and to let others recede into intimacy. The lighting has a lively conversation with Carola Hinojosa’s muted lobby palette of grays, silvery whites, creams and bisques. At night the drama in the lobby increases with successive waves of various temperatures and levels of illumination; because the light is moderating in some parts of the huge space, visitors feel they can explore and discover, even be surprised by the architectural 
details. The result is both stimulating and tranquil.